A Creative Video Production Company, illuminating the world with immersive videoclips, magic movies and interactive projects in a virtual reality format
We are the one of the world's first teams uniquely focused on researching, developing and popularizing technical and animated features of virtual reality (VR) recording rather than on simple videomaking
Maxim Nikonov
Director, filmmaker, producer
We joined together talented moviemakers, videographers, programmers, designers and composers to create truly outshanding interactive movies and projects in a virtual reality format while researching and playing around with the latest innovative fields of interactive art
Aleksey Averin
Director , sreenwriter
Not only movies do we produce, but also highly immersive works that turning our viewers into active participants, able to vividly experience and interact with virtual environment
Ivan Gaukov
Videographer, motion-designer
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Some of our projects here are represented by teasers only as we are unable to publish publicly full copies of our works, however, we are pretty much sure this would be enough for you to dive into the content we produce
The best award is acknowledgement and trust of our clients and partners
Works We Do
Virtual Reality
What is VR cinematography?

This is the latest video-making and playback format. Emergence of this new technology can be compared to transition from silent to sound movies or switching from black-and-white to the movies being in color. Here recording is made using special cameras, capturing all the environment in a 3D format.

While watching such video a viewer is free to control the camera's angle, observing the surroundings around him and perceiving real cinematographic three-dimensional picture instead of animated graphics. This technology was never used before 2015. Participation effect greatly exceeds all well-known 2D, 3D and 5D cinema formats.

After VR-headset came out, 360 3D format became the basis for a new movie genre. Putting the VR-helmet on makes a viewer to immerse right into the thick of events. All around him – places, happenings, people are extremely real! Sense of being physically present in a virtual world completely stands out from what modern cinematography can currently boast no matter if it is a feature film, IMAX or a computer game.

Combination of 360 video with an interactive part empowers the viewer to Influence the storyline, chose the routes to go, talk to characters and move along the preferred direction.
Our projects exemplify the quality of the industry. We seek no compromises and are always committed to the best possible results.
Creative and Modern Approach
The main thing in making videos is audacious, engaging & fresh vision and creative approach. We are here eager to amuse you. These are character traits of our filmmakers.
Performance Quality
We are longing to perform our tasks exceptionally. This certainly includes attention to details, carefulness and being absolutely result-oriented.
Expertise and Professional Behavior
Our team is the best-in-class specialists with higher degrees in cinematography.
Innovation Technologies
Virtual reality is a new form of art which emergence was coeval with the appearance of modern technologies. We use the most advanced technologies while performing the projects to deliver high-quality results.
Trustful Communication
Effective work is feasible only if communication between all participants working on a project is well established, trustful and open.
Support & Assistance
Help and assistance at all work stages.
Headquartered in Saint Petersburg
Working all around the world

Phone number: +7 (911) 975-14-28
E-mail: rosvr@russiavr.ru
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